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iMessage not sending on Mac - 06 Feb 2020 07:53


Apple iMessage is a great way to send free messages to all Apple users in the world. iMessage comes up with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you have an iPhone and iMac or Macbook, you can connect iMessage to your Mac as well. You don't want to switch the iPhone to send iMessage when you are working with Mac. Even you send iMessage on Mac or iPhone, all messages are sync with both devices. So it easy to handle. When using iMessage on Mac, most of the users are saying that they cant send messages from mac computers. But on iPhone works fine, how to fix these issues on Mac. Follow these methods to fix iMessage issues.

Lock and Unlock Keychain app on your Mac

The keychain app can make issues on iMessages. Therefore, by lock and unlock, the Keychain app helps to fix this issue on iMessages. If you have any issues on sending iMessage on Mac, it means failing to authenticate Apple ID and Password. So lock and unlock the Keychain app will fix the issues.

Search Keychain Access on search option on Mac and open the Keychain app.
Go to File > Lock Keychain Login
Go to File > Unlock Keychain Login
Now it will ask the Admin password of your Mac. Provide it and click OK
Try to send iMessage and see the issues fixed

iMessage Sign out and Sign in on Mac

If the iMessage account has issues, this method will fix the problem. Follow the method below.

Open the Mac and go to Messages > Preferences > iMessage.
On Apple iD click on Sign out.
Wait for few seconds and click on Sign in and sign with your Apple username and Password.
Now check the problem and see it fixed.

Restart iMessage and Mac devices

Sometimes apple services can be stuck or stopped on your Mac. Therefore by restarting iMessage and Mac will restart all apple services, then if there are services issues, it will fix the problem. - Comments: 0

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